Thursday, September 10, 2009

Damn That Swatch

I've strayed a bit from my desire to knit the Every Way Wrap. It's not that it isn't pretty to me anymore or something simple like that. No. My problem is that I can't conquer the swatch. I'm almost certain that I'm being punished for swatching in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, but I couldn't help myself--it was just laying around the house after I knit a pair of Fetching mitts--and it was calling me.

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong when reading the cable chart pattern (and yes, I downloaded the corrected chart from Interweave). I need a bit of help here because, not that I expected them to, but the directions just aren't speaking to me. I must be a complete idiot, because believe it or not, even though this magazine just hit the racks, MANY people on Ravelry have already finished this wrap. Knitters amaze me.

I've tried to swatch the chart for the wrap and ripped back 6 times. My problem is that the knits and purls don't line up for me after the set up row. When I go to cable following the chart, I'm knitting the purls and purling the knit stitches. It's enough to make a girl throw in the towel yarn.

So please look at the chart and tell me if you agree with my very obviously simple minded interpretation:

I will knit the cable set up row (wrong side) from right to left, correct?
I will then start the cable chart with row 1 (right side) reading right to left again and then row two reading left to right. Do you think this is right? Or do you think in order to save my sanity, I should just cast on something simple like another Ruby shawl?


Stephanie V said...

I just tried out the 8-stitch repeat part - too lazy to cast on a bunch of stitches. Then, after I figured out all the errors, I set off.
I think that on a WS set-up row, you are supposed to read from left to right just as you would any WS row. I did that and the knits and purls seemed to line up OK.

I hate charts. I would much rather read all the written out instructions. It's always nice when the pattern includes both.

Hope this helps...I'd rather knit than do whatever else I have to do this morning. Thanks for the task.

Rudee said...

Why is it that I can read a lace chart without a problem and see the pattern in the chart, but I can't do the same with cable charts?

Stephanie, you are indeed correct about that set up row, and I am blind. I can even see what you mean when, after having a good 8 hours of sleep, the chart starts in the lower left hand corner where it clearly states: SET UP!!!! Duh.

Is it OK if I blame it on fatigue and not blindness, or more likely, intellect?

Thank you for your help! I will rip back and start over right now.

Stephanie V said...

Glad to get you back on track. You and the Wrap were fated after all.
Cable charts are really hard with all their weird criss-cross symbols. Even worse when the symbols sort of look the same. With cable charts I usually peer myopically at the symbols for the first couple of RS rows and then just follow my instincts (and the photo) after that.
Lace symbols are sensibly distinct.