Saturday, September 19, 2009

Who Is Knitting?

I'm ready to cast on. Are you? I haven't had an opportunity to have my pattern enlarged, but I did get new glasses this week. I should be good to go with that.

I know we all agreed to start Monday, but is tomorrow OK for a new beginning?

I'm experiencing some laptop interuptus right now, but I can still log on here and there using my son's computer when he's here. I won't know the extent of my Mac's problem until sometime next week. With less internet canoodling, I should get in plenty of knitting time.

Most likely, I won't be available next weekend, but we'll see. My sister should have a computer I can borrow just to check on how things are going here. I plan on knitting on the wrap while I'm in the mountains of Virginia. Saturday, we're taking a class on mitering. I've never done that (mitering, or taken a knitting class). It should be fun.

So if we're in agreement, start knitting!


Stephanie V said...

I'm still binding off the darn pink shawl. I think I have it timed for a weekend finish and I just want to get it done. So, I'll probably be casting on Monday. But, if I finish ahead of schedule, I won't be worrying about my frisky fingers - I can just get to it. Yay!

Internet canoodling? Sounds interesting...

Rudee said...

Well I did leave a comment that didn't post, but in essence, I felt that internet canoodling went well with laptop interuptus. I do waste an extraordinary amount of time online!

Rose said...

I'm definitely casting on today (sunday) to make sure I have time to read the special cast on directions. My hope/plan is to do that and knit a couple of rows today. Then I have to do some school work I've procrastinated doing this weekend. Remember the summer I had off? Now I pay with lots of working on the weekends for awhile. But at least it's a good year!! So not complaing (yet:)

Rudee said...

I'm still fiddling with sleeves from a sweater, but I may cast on sometime later today.

Have fun!

Don't work too hard today, Rose.